All About Me

Whoa, so talking about me always seems to be the toughest for me…being realsies…but here we go…my short story.

I’ve been a personal development mentor for several years, a self-care and personal growth blogger for over 15 years —> all while working full time but this year…You know the good ol’ year of total chaos and change (ugh 2020)… I decided to make magic out of it and create opportunity. I made the amazing choice to do what I’ve always felt compelled and called to do and I left my full time sales and marketing career. I’m taking my love of helping others learn how to create happiness and build fulfillment into their lives and making it my full time job…and I’m really excited about it!

Bloom Where You're Planted, Laura Tran, Life Coach

When I’m not working you’ll find me painting, vintage clothing shopping, sipping IPA’s at a local brewery, or curled up with my hubby watching a movie. I used to hike a lot and I used to do Yoga a whole bunch butttt well I’ve slipped – I ain’t perfect either. I’ll be calling myself out on shiznit too…

I’m quirky, colorful, energetic and totally eclectic. I am known to give tough love from time to time – because being real is what I do. I live and die by what I believe and I believe that it’s better to hear the truth than to live in the unknown or behind a lie. (Was I just rapping up a rhyme?!) I can find a silver lining in any situation – even if it takes a minute, I’ll find it #SilverLiningSleuth. I get that healing and growing is somethings hard and even painful – been there, still there somedays. I got you, I won’t let you fall.

Working with me is like the ultimate trip to Thailand. You’re going to be eating authentic pad thai, trying out some of those crazy hot thai peppers, volunteering at an elephant reservation, going on a hike at at the Doi Suthep Monk Trail, having yoga practice with an amazing view, and sipping cocktails on a beach —> we’ll be doing a bit of it all! Because this is what true personal development is. It’s deep, somedays is invigorating, others it’s hard, but all of it is rewarding. The only thing worse than getting a taco without cheese is life coaching programs that don’t do any self-discovery courses. Total pet peeve of mine!! You gotta do some soul-searching and healing through this process – so we will be doing some of it all!

Now that you know a little bit about me and what I do, I can’t wait to get to know you!

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